Ivan Chai | 66 Sachets
Ivan Chai | 66 Sachets
Ivan Chai | 66 Sachets
Ivan Chai | 66 Sachets
Ivan Chai | 66 Sachets

Ivan Chai | 66 Sachets

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Ivan's Herbs natural herbal tea remedies taste great and empower your health on a daily basis.

This Ivan Chai, collected by hand and fermented in Siberia, will be your favourite herbal tea. Looking for an herbal tea that can boost your daily health? You found it.

✔ Great taste: Ivan Chai has a sweet and earthy aroma. It tastes like black tea, but is caffeine-free. It's safe for children to drink. It won't get bitter even if you let it steep for too long.

✔ Supports urinary tract and prostate health: Supports urinary tract and prostate health. Do you suffer from urinary tract infections? Or do you have problems with an enlarged prostate? Fireweed tea is a proven remedy for lower urinary tract issues.

✔ Remedy and preventive for candida overgrowth: Do you have yeast infections? Native Americans used fireweed to prevent and treat all types of candida overgrowth. Modern science proved fireweed to be anti-yeast. Read our article to see the evidence and references.

✔ Calming for Anxiety and Insomnia: Ivan Chai is a natural mild sedative. Calms the nerves and is great for relaxing in the evening or after heavy stress.

✔ Accelerates Recovery and Prevents Flu: It is an immune booster and a proven antiviral agent. The high content of vitamin C contributes to the recovery from the flu. Read our articles to see the evidence and references.


Product Information:

Origin: Single origin from Siberia

Ingredients: 100% fermented fireweed (Epilobium angustifolium)

Product use: for 66 cups of herbal tea

Best before: August 2023


Delivery: 3 articles

3 x Value pack each with 22 sachets of Ivan Chai.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Fits through the letterbox
  • Evidence-Based Health Benefits
  • Herbs from Siberia, one of the cleanest places on earth
  • Great taste to enjoy even in good health
  • Sustainable packaging which can refill your gift set


Ivan's Herbs offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We provide professional customer service before and after your sale.
Full product title: Ivan's Herbs | Ivan Chai | 66 Sachets | Siberian Fermented Tea | Organic Herbal Therapy | Proven Safe + Effective with Clinical Research | Eco7 Standard | Herbs Grown and Hand Collected in the Wild