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Black Currant Leaf Powder | 1 kg

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Ivan's Herbs natural herb powders taste great and empower your health on a daily basis.

This Black Currant Leaf Powder, collected by hand in Siberia, will be your favourite herbal powder. Looking for a caffeine free matcha that can boost your daily health? You found it.

✔ Great taste: Black currant leaf has a very floral aroma. It's safe for children to drink. 

✔ Glaucoma and Dry Eyes: Have high intraocular pressure? Suffering from keratoconjunctivitis sicca? Anthocyanins in black currant have shown promising results in trials. Read our articles for evidence.

✔ Reduce High Cholesterol: Fighting hyperlipidemia?  Some clinical research shows that black currant seed oil can reduce cholesterol levels. Read our articles for evidence.

✔ Immune system booster: Need to boost your immune system? Blackcurrant leaves also have a range of properties, including antimicrobial, antitoxin, and antiviral.

✔ Anti-inflammatory: Supports general health for inflammation issues. Do you suffer from inflammation? Black currant leaf is a proven anti-inflammatory.


Product Information:

Origin: Single origin from Siberia

Ingredients: 100% black currant leaf powder (Ribes nigrum)

Product use: for 500 cups of herbal drinks

Delivery: 1 article

1 x Value pack with 1000 grams of black currant leaf powder.


The advantages at a glance:

  • Most value for your money
  • Evidence-Based Health Benefits
  • Herbs from Siberia, one of the cleanest places on earth
  • Great taste to enjoy even in good health
  • Sustainable packaging for refilling a gift set.


Ivan's Herbs offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We provide professional customer service before and after your sale. Do not wait any longer and order now.

Full product title: Ivan's Herbs | Black Currant Leaf Powder | 1 kg | Cassis Tea Powder | Caffeine Free Siberian Matcha | Wild Grown Ribes nigrum | Eco7 Standard