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Rye Grass Pollen Extract | 250 Vegan Capsules

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Ivan's Herbs natural herbal supplements empower your health on a daily basis.

This Rye Grass Pollen Extract, sourced in Siberia, will be your favourite male health supplement. Looking for an herbal supplement that can support your daily prostate health? You found it.

✔ Remedy Enlarged Prostate: Do you suffer from benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)? Is frequent urination an issue? Clinical evidence shows rye grass pollen extract helps symptoms. See our articles for evidence.

✔ Relieve Prostatitis: Got an inflamed prostate? Experiencing chronic pelvic pain syndrome? Evidence shows rye grass pollen extract can improve pain, micturition, and quality of life. See our articles for evidence.

✔ Natural Herbal Remedy

✔ Organic

✔ Vegan capsules: Are you plant based? Ivan's Herbs uses capsules based from plants. We're free of animal use.


Product Information:

Origin: Single origin from Siberia

Ingredients: 100% rye grass pollen extract ( Secale cereale)

Other ingredients: Plant based capsule (hypromellose), magnesium stearate, cellulose.

Product use: for 250 days

Delivery: 1 article

1 x Value pack with 250 capsules of 1000 mg capsules of rye pollen extract.


The advantages at a glance:

  • Easily Read Evidence with QR code on Product
  • Herbs from Siberia, one of the cleanest places on earth
  • Most value for your money
  • Evidence-Based Health Benefits 
  • Sustainable packaging


Ivan's Herbs offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We provide professional customer service before and after your sale. Do not wait any longer and order now.

Full product title: Ivan's Herbs | Rye Grass Pollen Extract | 250 Vegan Capsules | BPH Remedy | Relieve Prostatitis | Supports Male Prostate Health | Eco7 Standard | Sourced in Siberia | Evidence-based Herbal Therapy